The Harwood Unified Union Food and Nutrition Department's mission is to provide students with the knowledge and skills to make healthy food choices.

We encourage students' and community members' involvement to help create and foster this environment.

Allowing and encouraging your children to eat school breakfast and school lunch not only helps assure their health and academic abilities, but also supports the Food and Nutrition Services Department and enhance our entire community.

The culinary staff look forward to continuing to provide healthy, nutritious food in an educational environment

Welcome to our locations:

Highlanders Café @ Harwood Union High School & Middle School

Cougar Café @ Crossett Brook Middle School

Fox Café @ Fayston Elementary School

Bobcat Café @ Moretown Elementary School

Eagle Café @ Brookside Primary School

Wolverine Café @ Waitsfield Elementary School

School Café @ Warren Elementary School

Thank you for your support.

School Lunch

Our Lunch Program is a success; we cook fresh whole foods for our students everyday. Students can choose from a variety of items including milk, fruits, vegetables, whole grain items and proteins. A Salad Bar with farm fresh produce and house made salads is available in every school. (Salad Bars currently not available because of COVID-19)

School Breakfast

We offer Grab & Go Breakfast in all of our schools. Students can choose from a variety of items daily to make their own breakfast. Milk, fruits, vegetables, whole grain items and proteins are offered. Breakfast is offered before and after the bell.