We truly make the health and wellbeing of all of our students our main priority.

We cook fresh, whole foods everyday.

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Students need healthy meals to learn. Harwood Unified Union School District offers healthy meals every school day.

In School Year 2022-2023, all students will receive free breakfast and lunch at school. The State of Vermont has provided money to do this for one year through the Universal School Meals Act.

We need your help to keep providing free meals to all students in future years. Please fill out this application for free and reduced price school meals. If many families fill out and return this form, we will get more money from the federal government for free school meals now and in the future. We will also get more money for other school programs.

Filling out this form also helps our community provide free summer meals to all kids, and free meals to kids in childcare.

The information you provide is confidential. We follow strict federal rules to keep your information private.

If you have other questions or need help, call 802-583-7953 or email Alyssa Dybala at


Please make sure your child is taking advantage of this wonderful benefit, the more free meals we serve the better it is for our Food & Nutrition Program, and to our community. More Free Meals Served really equals More Local Products into our schools! Which equals better nutrition to our students!

Our FREE meals are not only for families in need, and you won't be "taking away" a meal from someone in need if you decide to get a meal for your child.